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#SciFiMonth2022 – Turn Back Time

classic-4Today’s SciFi month prompt it TURN BACK TIME and so I’m going to share the stories that I have enjoyed this year which involve time travel –  a trope that I absolutely love in fiction!

53183779._SY475_ONLY A MONSTER by Vanessa Len

Now this is a YA Urban Fantasy involving “monsters” but the main power/magic system involves time and travelling through history which was so cool!

The story is predominantly set in London – another element that will always have me come running to read a book – and history is used as a facet of the setting with secret paranormal worlds hidden within moments and places in history and I loved it so much.

You can read my full review here.

36630924._SY475_HERE AND NOW AND THEN by Mike Chen

Mike Chen writes Sci-Fi that has a literary fiction edge to it that I absolutely love. This book in particular is about a time travelling secret agent who gets stuck in the past when a mission goes wrong. I went in expecting a story full of action but was pleasantly surprised to find a more character driven narrative full of emotion.

Not only were the sci-fi/time travel elements really cool in this but I also really enjoyed the focus on family.

59365820UNDER FORTUNATE STARS by Ren Hutchings

Still one of my favourite reads of the year, this book leans more towards the soft side of sci-fi and is equally endearing and chaotic.

There’s unexpected time travel, a dash of mystery, an expansive setting and great characters delivering a hopeful and wholesome story all about how our flaws don’t define us and how recorded history isn’t always the full story.

You can read my full review here.

58903050._SY475_SEA OF TRANQUILITY by Emily St John Mandell

If you’ve read any of Emily St. John Mandel’s works then you’ll know just how captivating and atmospheric her writing is, how she always touches on human nature within her stories.

This is a book that weaves through past, present and future connecting the characters – including those from her previous book – together in such an interesting way that is enhanced by the SciFi touches. And the time travel elements are of the satisfying kind.

60534118LOST IN TIME by A.G. Riddle

A book that I went into presuming the plot to be one thing and it turning out like nothing I expected!

A murder mystery thriller with a father daughter duo caught in the middle, whom we follow as they try to piece together the truth across time. This one is about more than just dinosaurs as the cover and synopsis may make you believe, but the dinosaurs were still pretty cool haha.

You can read my full review here.


I read the Paper Girls a couple of years back and it remains one of my favourite graphic novel series to date. The 80’s vibes, the friendships, the colouring of the illustrations!!! So of course I was excited that a tv adaptation was being made and you know what, it wasn’t half bad.

Despite a couple of the plot points being changed and the CGI elements being a bit shocking considering it is a Prime show, it had so much promise. If only Amazon had bothered to promote it properly, the actors would have gotten the second season they deserved..

I recommend checking it out regardless of cancellation because the cast, especially the leads were phenomenal!

Are there any time travel boooks/films/shows that you have enjoyed this year? Any you’d recommend I check out?


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