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BLOG TOUR – BOOK REVIEW: The Atlas Paradox by Olivie Blake

The Atlas Paradox Rating**Thank you to TorUK and Black Crow PR for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and for allowing me to be a part of this tour**
DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that since this is a sequel there are spoilers for the previous book.


Six magicians. Two rivalries. One researcher. And a man who can walk through dreams. All must pick a side: do they wish to preserve the world—or destroy it?

In this electric sequel to the viral sensation, The Atlas Six, the society of Alexandrians is revealed for what it is: a secret society with raw, world-changing power, headed by a man whose plans to change life as we know it are already under way. But the cost of knowledge is steep, and as the price of power demands each character choose a side, which alliances will hold and which will see their enmity deepen?


The Atlas Paradox is a sequel that is just as mind bending and absorbing as its predecessor. Be ready for lots more intrigue and scheming and a brilliant expansion on the powerful character study that was the basis of The Atlas Six.

We get to further familiarise ourselves with the individual characters and the way they think, as well as explore their understanding of one another in the aftermath of the events that concluded the first book.

“A person was only ever himself. So much of what they became, who they were, was inseverable, irreversible. If to others that meant irredeemable, then so be it.

The competitive atmosphere that was heavily present in the first year is tamed down a little as the second year sees the initiates go about independent study however, there is still a dominant air of tension arcing across the multiple plotlines that the story is split into.

The rivalries are still very much present between the characters as is the element of mystery surrounding the Alexandrian Society and its well-guarded secrets that the characters are trying to unmask. Add to that the threat from the Society’s enemies as well as Libby’s situation and this book is jam packed full of a thrilling set of affairs that are all beautifully encapsulated by Blake’s elaborate and eloquent prose.

My mood a lot of the time whilst reading.

This series really stresses the academia part of dark academia with how the narrative is full of such highly intellectual conversations and introspection that as expected, you’ll only half understand. We get a more meticulous exploration of some of the characters powers alongside compelling twists and reveals that are slowly putting all the pieces into place for the endgame.

“A chink in the armour, Parisa thought. Funny how those things could undo you little by little over time. All it took was a tiny fracture to destroy an entire foundation.”

The multi point of view was once again balanced extremely well if not better since there were a few more perspectives to read from in this sequel. I absolutely loved that we got to see more from Reina and also Gideon, two characters who weren’t in the limelight as much previously. I did have a minor issue with the chronology in some of the chapters though since there were times when the story would double back on itself when events went forward in one chapter and then were returned to from a different perspective quite later on. It was a little bit jarring.

Furthermore, this sequel does have sort of a middle book syndrome feel to it but regardless of this I was never bored of being back in this world or with these characters that Blake has created. I loved being back with them all and their chaos and messiness.

“But perhaps it was all their mutually assured destruction that was making her so very annoyed with this current state of affairs, because it was not fun at all to exist without a rival.”

As ever the character interactions are just so addictive to follow. For the most part our usual subjects were hardly ever all together in one room but we do see an interesting shift in dynamics and new alliances form. Nico and Tristan? Remarkable! Callum and Reina? Formidable! I did not know how much I needed to see these partnerships come to be!

Now the ending didn’t have as big of a shock factor as book 1 however, it sets up everything very nicely for the finale and I can’t wait to see how everything goes down!

The Atlas Paradox is OUT NOW!

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