Another year gone, another late end of year wrap-up post..

I’ll admit it hasn’t been a great few months for me for personal reasons and January has kicked off with the same vibe, hence I am posting this later than I had hoped to. I also still have some reviews that I need to catch up on from last year but they should be up soon.

The last quarter of 2021 did have it’s highs though, mostly in the form of media that I consumed but I’ve got to say I am so glad I reduced my reading challenge for the year because there was literally no stress of me trying to rush and fit books in. Not that this stopped me from scrambling to finish the books I was in the middle of on December 31st (SUCCESS!) or trying to catch up with the shows pending on my currently watch list (fail…) 😅


If you know me you know that I am terrible with films.. no joke, going to see Shang Chi in cinema (which should have really been in the last quarter but oh well) was the the first full film I have sat down and watched since December 2019 🙈

Now onto the books! As mentioned in my previous wrap-up I had already met my reading challenge of 52 books and by the end of the year I also managed to meet the pages total I set up on Storygraph! I finished the year off having read 79 books in total and around 31,425 pages.

Here are my end of year reading stats again including graphs from the spreadsheet template created by Kal @ Reader Voracious! I’m going to link the post with the 2022 template here.

Ratings Breakdown


[ 5 of which were AUDIOBOOKS ]

ADULT45  | YA36 

LONGEST BOOK – 630 pages [The Mask of Mirrors by M. A Carrick]

Overall this year has been pretty great for books to be honest. My average rating was 4.1 stars and this mostly comes down to the fact that I focused on picking up books that I knew I wanted to read and felt like I would definitely enjoy. I’ve picked up more adult books than YA this year too which also seems to be a reason why.

I was quite surprised to see that the split between new reads and backlists was almost an even split because I sure felt like I was reading a lot more ARCs than usual but there you go.

Once again it was a year that I said I would focus on trying to get more sci-fi reads in and while I did read a higher percentage than last year, the number of fantasy books still took first place. Inevitable it seems haha.Books by ReleaseBooks by Genre

My reading goals for 2022 are as follows:

  • Reading Challenge target – 80 books
  • Finish or catch up with as many backlist series I have already started as possible
  • Reduce my owned books tbr by at least half (particularly ebooks)
  • Complete the 12 Recs From 12 Friends Challenge



Far From the Light of Heaven REVIEWLittle Thieves REVIEWTiamat’s Wrath REVIEW



Jade Fire Gold STORYGRAPH REVIEWYear of the Reaper REVIEWThese Violent Delights REVIEWOur Violent Ends REVIEW


A Marvellous Light REVIEWAmarantha REVIEWAbsynthe REVIEW | The Hawthorne Legcay STORYGRAPH REVIEW


54017820LITTLE THIEVES by Margaret Owen

Remember me saying how retellings are hitting it out of the park at the moment, well this Goose Girl retelling is right up there at the top!! It is the perfect combination of fascinating magic, heists and action, political intrigue and mystery with a compelling central cast of characters. I am recommending this book to anyone and everyone, left right and centre because everything about it is absolutely brilliant!

40189383._SY475_TIAMAT’S WRATH by James S. A. Corey

Guess who’s back, back again, to talk about The Expanse. I am EMOTIONAL okay that this series is ending and I finally caught up with all the books in October for the Orbit reread🥺

As I’ve mentioned before my enjoyment of the books dipped a little with books 3 and 4 but from Nemesis Games onwards I have been really loving the story – Babylon’s Ashes and Tiamat’s Wrath are up there with the first 2 books for my favourites in the whole series and I just know the finale is going to be as emotionally distressing but brilliantly put together as the penultimate one.

54816559THE BONE SHARD DAUGHTER by Andrea Stewart

A new favourite for so many reasons, both books that are out so far in this trilogy took me by surprise! I saw quite a few people hyping about the series on twitter but I truly did not expect to love it so much and it has an absolutely brilliant casted audiobook! There is a really cool and unique magic system, everyone is morally grey and the overall story and its twists will have you hooked! But of course the biggest reason I love these books is Mephi!!!!! 🥰

58979198._SY475_YEAR OF THE REAPER by Makiia Lucier

Another historical fantasy with such a unique viewpoint and a mystery storyline with a dash of magic (which is really cool) that I once again did not expect to love as much as I did! At its heart it is about people in the aftermath of disaster –  it is dark, it is emotional and it is so, so beautifully written.

44084762._SY475_OUR VIOLENT ENDS by Chloe Gong

Our Violent Ends, where the “our” is the readers because Miss Gong really came to stab us in the front with this book. The gang feud and political tension are ramped up and the relationship between Roma and Juliette will continue to drive you insane! I am still trying to put my feelings into words and write my review but this was another one of my anticipated finales of the year that did not disappoint!

58423882A MARVELLOUS LIGHT by Freya Marske

Yes the magic and historical London setting got me to pick this one up but it was also TorDotCom constantly sharing the cover that made it initially catch my attention and I am so glad for that!! A lot more spicier in terms of romance than anything I have ever picked up before but this historical fantasy romance is *clenches fist* so good!

17899544._SY475_HAWKEYE COMICS by Matt Fraction

Bro seriously broooooo I’m so happy I finally managed to get a hold of all the comics in this run because they are great! The artwork and colouring is beautiful, Kate Bishop is awesome and I loved that I was able to pick up on all the links to it in the Hawkeye TV show!

59771531._SY475_ABSYNTHE by Brendan P Bellecourt

This book blew me away! I am also working on my review for this one but this historical sci-fi thriller gave me Matrix meets Inception meets Sense8 vibes. It has an immersive retro future, steampunk setting and atmosphere and is totally the kind of book you know would be fantastic if adapted to screen too!


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